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English Language of Instruction for Adult Learners

Welcome to English!

In this academic English program for adult learners, students who are already fluent in English work one-on-one with their teacher to develop and become competent in their mastery of the four communication skills -- speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


To be enrolled in this English program, all students must first write an English diagnostic test in reading comprehension and writing.

English language learners who are not fluent in reading, listening, writing and speaking English as a mother tongue do not qualify and are required to upgrade their English fluency elsewhere in order to successfully meet the language requirements of our English program.

Once students are accepted to the English program, they may receive further in-class diagnosis and assessments in order to identify strengths and gaps in English. On-going assessment and evaluation is given to each student until they successfully achieve their goals.


Successful completion of 6 credits in Secondary 4 and 6 credits in Secondary 5 are requirements for a secondary school diploma (D.E.S)


Students work individually to fill gaps in learning with their teacher in the various English courses on learning situations and evaluation situations.

The length of English course varies from 50 hours to 100 hours.

Classes are two-hours long, 5 days a week (20 hours a week).


Part 1

Common Core Basic Education English programs target the development of competencies in a wide variety of real-life situations.

Levels: Literacy

Pre Secondary (7 courses)

Cycle 1: Sec 1 and 2

Goals are to:

  1. Upgrade adult learners competencies
  2. Promote development of autonomy in exercising social roles
  3. Provide adult learners personal, intellectual and cultural fulfillment.

Part 2

Diversified Basic Education English programs provide adult learners with the tools they will need in the long term to lead successful lives and contribute to society.

Levels: Cycle 2: Sec 3

Cycle 3: Sec 4 and 5**

**Credits for the Secondary School Diploma start at Secondary 4.

Aims for students are to:

  1. Construct a world-view
  2. Construct an identity
  3. Empower adults over their lives.


Common Core Basic Education

For students requiring upgrading and remediation in basic English communication skills.

Literacy levels

ENG B121-4 Discovering the World of Print (Language is used to communicate meaning, self-expression, and enjoyment related to their immediate environment).

ENG B122-4 Building Foundations (Language is used in real-life situations related to their immediate environment).

ENG B123-4 Satisfying Basic Needs (Language is used related to the basic necessities of everyday living).

ENG B124-4 Accessing Services (Language is used related to obtaining access to public services).

ENG B125-4 Leisure and Personal Interests (Language is used related to leisure time and activities).

ENG B126-4 Community Life (Language is used related to participating in community life).

Pre-Secondary Levels

ENG P 101-4 Opening Doors (100 hrs) Language used for the essentials of daily life.

ENG P 102-4 Everyday Living (100 hrs) Language used in everyday home life and language to keep informed about daily news.

ENG P 103-4 Taking Charge (110 hours) Language used to attend to basic health needs and language to deal with common emergency situations.

ENG P 104-4 Discovery and Challenges (100 hours) Language used to discover Quebec and Canada and their multicultural character.

ENG P 105-4 Stepping Out (100 hrs) Language used to explore employment and education options.

ENG P 106-4 Lifestyle Options (100 hrs) Language used to explore healthy lifestyles and consumer transactions.

ENG P 107-4 Engagement and Involvement (100 hrs) Language used to fulfill civic and social duties in the community

Secondary Cycle One levels (Sec 1 and 2)

ENG 1101-4 (100 hrs) Informed Choices (Language used to be informed about different current issues in the media).

ENG 1102-2 (50 hrs) Enjoyment and Entertainment I (Language used to explore Quebec and Canadian cultural expression).

ENG 2101-2 (50 hrs) Enjoyment and Entertainment II (Language used to explore and appreciate the creative potential of language).

ENG 2102-4 (100 hrs) Rights and Responsibilities (Language used to explore legal rights and responsibilities in Quebec and Canada).



ENG 3070-3 (75 hrs) Language to Inform

ENG 3071-3 (75 hrs) Language for Comment and Persuasion

SECONDARY CYCLE Three (Sec 4 and Sec 5)

ENG 4061-3 Language for Enjoyment

ENG 4062-3 Language in Work and Society

ENG 5151-1 Language Power (all students must successfully pass the grammar requirements in ENG 5151-1 before starting ENG 5061-3 and ENG 5062-3).

ENG 5061-3 Language in Drama and Literature

ENG 5062-3 Language in Learning and Research

Optional Credits: (prerequisite Sec V English credits)

ENG 5154-4 Canadian Literature


Our English Department actively encourages all students to read, express, write, think, listen and speak outside the English classroom!

Students may attend the National Arts Centre for plays as part of the requirements of the English program.

Students are encouraged to get involved in school newsletters, drama and talent groups, poetry cafes, multicultural events and Student Council, where their written and verbal creative skills are put to use.

In the past, students have participated with various community arts in literary projects through various community arts groups such as publishing photo stories, and writing and acting in radio plays.