Hull Adult Education Centre

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Student Council

 2016-2017 Student Council

Keith De Sousa and Mackenzie Palmer
Secretary-Kolleen Croteau

Teacher Liason:
Marty Scheinberg
Sheldon Macgillivray
Michelle Wismer
Tracey Ann Lee

Student Council News & Events

2016-2017 Student Council Elections Results Congratulations to Keith De Sousa and Mackenzie Palmer on their successful campaigns. They ended in a tie and will share the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Congratulations as well to Nicholas Belec and Christian Danis for excellent campaigns, speeches and poise throughout!

Student Council Next Meeting

Tuesday October 18, 2016 Room 104 at 1pm MANDATORY-executive and representatives expected

Classroom Representatives Needed!

We are looking for classroom representatives. Please volunteer with your period 2 teacher.

Student Council Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting...


Past Minutes

  1. Each section is provided 2 minutes to say concisely what they need to say.
  2. There is time for discussion afterward, but only if selected by the presidents, and only if your hand was up.
  3. There will be a Members Report for members to say something too instead of REP Report.
  4. There will be an Office Report for Tracey to say her piece.
  5. There will be an emphasis on solutions, an emphasis on what we can do, and no emphasis or time        provided for what we cannot do or bickering between members.
  6. Everything not added to the agenda goes to varia if time.
  7. No one speaks while someone who is supposed to be speaking, is speaking.
  8. Late arrivals do not come in and disrupt or jump in to the conversation.
  9. Conduct ourselves mutual respect for each other and that if we do not follow these we show disrespect.