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Please Note:

You must complete the absence reporting tool daily until you return to classes at school.

If you used REASON #1 Waiting for COVID-19 TEST RESULT, you must remain at home until your result is received. 

Your result must be sent to in order for you to return.

If you have used REASON #2, 1 or more symptoms of COVID-19. 

You must now use the   COVID-19 SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL to determine with Public Health how to proceed. It will provide you your next steps.

In both cases for REASON #1 and REASON #2 you must be 24 hours symptom free before returning to school. This means a full day and night of great health and no symptoms.

What to do if you are feeling sick and/or with symptoms?


If you are feeling sick do not come into school. If you have 2 or more of the following symptoms of a flu/illness stay home: Fever, recent or new cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of sense of smeall and/or taste, major fatigue, significant loss of apetite, general muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, runny nose, congestion, stomach ache  
You cannot return to in-person classes until you are 24 hours symptom free (think 1 day between symptoms completely gone and your return to school).

You can opt to attend online that sick day or during your illness if you are well enough, and be marked present.

We strongly encourage you to SEEK COVID-19 TESTING if your illness exhibits any of the symptoms noted above.

Symptoms can be mild or more severe like those associated with pneumonia.
-Some people can spread the virus without knowing it because they have no symptoms or have not yet developed them.

For more information on what steps you should take if sick, please see: