Hull Adult Education Centre

To Know is to Grow

The Hull Adult Education Centre offers full-time academic courses to students.

Full-time attendance is required to remain in the Centre, as it is fundamental to a student’s success in Adult Education. Poor attendance seriously affects the ability of a student to progress in a satisfactory manner.

Poor attendance is defined as being absent from class, late arrivals or early departures, on a regular basis, for any reason.

Important information regarding absences:

1. Students should communicate with their teachers or the office regarding absences.

Please call (819) 595 1226 and leave a message on our absence voice mailbox. Do not email.

In addition, medical certificates or appointment slips are required to justify absences.

2. Absences, late arrivals and early departures are recorded daily and tracked. This data will be used as evidence in a “letter of warning” or “letter of withdrawal” to be sent home, when poor attendance is being addressed.

3. In accordance with Ministry guidelines, if a student is absent for 5 days or more from all classes, they will be automatically withdrawn. A letter of withdrawal will be sent to the student’s home. Furthermore, if a student has poor attendance or lateness over a period of time, they may also be withdrawn.

When a student has poor attendance or lateness over a period of time:

Step 1 – Classroom teacher addresses the issue with the student.

Step 2 – If there is no improvement, the teacher arranges a meeting with the student and the Administration. At this time the student is issued with a warning letter and will be put on probation for a specific period of time.

Step 3 – If there is no improvement, the student is withdrawn. A withdrawal letter is issued and sent home.


Students may be asked to withdraw from the school for the following reasons:

  1. Excessive absenteeism/tardiness.
  2. Excessive classroom disruption.
  3. Destruction or damage to school property.
  4. Poor, inappropriate or violent conduct.
  5. Possession and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. Failure to meet agreed upon targets or commitments.

*After withdrawal, a student will not be eligible for return to classes until the next available session or a period of time deemed appropriate by the Principal.

*Returning to Centre after a withdrawal:

1. Re-register and pay the $40 fee again

2. Students must submit a “request for re-admission” form to the Vice-Principal for review.

Note: This applies to all registered students, on Western Quebec School Board properties or using Western Quebec School Board services and facilities.