Hull Adult Education Centre

To Know is to Grow

The Biology courses offered at H. A. E. C. are secondary 5 optional credits. If your are interested in taking any of the modules listed below, it is recommended that you seek counseling from Guidance Services at H. A. E. C. to clarify which course(s) are prerequisites for admission to the particular program at the college and ( or) university level you may be interested in, and if any particular program requirements will be fulfilled by taking these courses.

It is also suggested that you confirm with Guidance Services that you have possess a sufficient level of Math and English skills to succeed in this program.

There are three modules offered .

BLG-5061-1 The Human Respiratory System - 1 level 5 credit

Students are introduced the the human respiratory system and the health problems associated with it.

This course covers:

  • anatomical structures of the respiratory system
  • pulmonary inhalation and exhalation mechanisms
  • gas exchanges in lungs and cells
  • health problems related to the respiratory system

BLG-5064-2 The Anatomy and Physiology of Cells - 2 level 5 credits

Students learn some of the concepts of anatomy and physiology of both the animal and plant cell and will gain a better understanding of the function of cells which are the basic units of life.

This course covers:

  • plant and animal cell structures
  • cell nutrition and excretion
  • cell reproduction
  • cellular respiration
  • deoxyribonucleic (DNA) and ribonucleic (RNA) acids

BLG-5065-2 The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics- 2 level 5 credits

Students are introduced to the concept of the transmission of human hereditary characteristics .

This course covers:

  • the transmission of hereditary characteristics
  • problems associated with the transmission of hereditary characteristics