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PRS 5067-3 is Career Choice and is worth 3 credits. Participation and 4 projects are evaluated individually out of 100% and averaged overall for the final result.

PRS 5069-3 is Job Search and is worth 3 credits as well. Again participation and 4 projects are evaluated individually out of 100% and averaged overall for the final result.

PRS 5067-3 Career Choice Syllabus quick glance

Unit 1-My Personal Profile

(Who am I? What can I do?)

Through interactive discussion, video, group work and class involvement students begin to identify aptitudes, reflection of experiences, strengths, skills and personality traits that create a personal profile. This becomes the launchpad for the remainder of this course.

4 themes (done in various forms: group, individual, class; written, video, verbal):

-Reflection of Experiences (personal, school, work) .5 weeks

-Analysis of Aptitudes (students examine 3) .5 weeks

-Personality Traits (Myers Briggs analysis) .5 weeks

Assignment 1-My Personal Profile (written in pieces as per themes above, pieces put together to create the finished essay) .5 weeks

Unit 2-COPS COPES CAPS 1 week

(Based on what I can do, what would I be good at?)

This is a formal assessment that measures values, interests and abilities that narrow their career choices down to 3 “Career Cluster” areas such as Science Professional, Service Skilled etc. Within these clusters are numerous careers to choose from.


-Students choose 1 career cluster, usually the highest scoring and explore next steps in reaching that job. This includes researching schools, tuition, years of study, average salary, demand in Canada, skills, aptitudes and experience needed for this type of work etc.

-They use Popplet to organize their work in a mind map.

Unit 3-My Likely Career Choice .5 weeks

This is a research based project where student choose 1 career from Career Clusters (Unit 2) and research it based on 10 criteria such as demand in Canada, average salary, prerequisite skills etc.

Assignment 3-My Likely Career  .5 weeks

Create PowerPoint answering 10 criteria they will have to research and presenting this PowerPoint.

Unit 4-Career Cruising  .5 weeks

(Having narrowed down my career choice, what are my immediate next steps?)

Students work within the Career Cruising site to make an extensive plan for immediate next steps. This plan includes an analysis of current credits and required prerequisites. They go through an extensive program that helps them plan the rest of their high school, helps them choose schools in the region to attend afterward, and goes as far as providing them information through video interviews of people in various occupations and what a day in the life of that job is like. This process helps the student make a plan to follow toward their career choice from Unit 3.

Assignment 4-Career Cruising Portfolio  .5 weeks

-Students complete a portfolio education plan online at Career Cruising. They are required to submit this plan.

PRS 5069-3 Job Search Syllabus (quick glance)

As above, the following 4 units begin with class, group, pairs and individual work that is around each concept and culminate into 4 projects. This side of the course is practical in nature where the first half, Career Choice, is very theoretical.

Unit 1-Cover Letter .5 weeks

Students are introduced to the cover letter, it’s parts, good and bad examples and what a successful cover letter requires. Why they need one is also discussed. Students are exposed to video, article, reflection, and discussion.

Assignment 1-Cover Letter .5 weeks

In pairs students write a cover letter in a writing workshop process. Each section takes 1 day.

Unit 2-The Resume .5 weeks

Students are introduced to the resume, it’s parts, good and bad examples and what a successful resume requires. Students are exposed to video, article, reflection, and discussion to enrich their understanding.

Assignment 2-The Resume .5 weeks

Through a writing workshop students work in groups to develop each part of the resume such as Objective Statement, Skill Summary Statements, Experience sections etc. The group moves from section to section together and must assist one another to completion before moving to the next section. The culmination of this group work is a functional working resume.

Unit 3-Job Search online .5 weeks

Students explore the working world and namely job sites. They learn how to create profiles, setup job alerts and where to look.

Assignment 3-Job Search .5 weeks

Students create a PADLET board of all sites and resources they encountered in their exploration of job search online. They setup job alerts and apply for real positions. The assignment itself becomes a go to tool long after the course as a place for each student to start their own job searches.

Unit 4-The Interview .5 weeks

Students are introduced to the interview. They are provided material through video, article, scripts, interview formats such as STAR, types of questions, good strategies, handshaking, body language, dress, and of course, role playing.

Assignment 4-The Interview .5 weeks

Students are formally interviewed by me for a job/career of their choosing. This is often a job they are actually applying for. They are required to bring their resume and cover letter, dress appropriately and have researched said company and job. They also must show their class book which they have been keeping in order throughout the term. We pretend it is a portfolio of sorts.