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ECM 5120-3, ECM 5022-3 

Economics is essentially the study of money. The course first looks at the roles played by different forms of business organizations as well as the laws of supply and demand. It then goes on to look at how a business is set up, operated and how its level of success can be measured. We then look at the labour force and unions followed by consumption and things that influence our buying habits such as advertisement. We then look at such practical topics as credit, mortgages, debt and investments. The course then examines financial institutions (banks, Caisses populaires) and then looks at Government & Public finances (ie. taxation). Finally we will be examining the international economy and will delve into such relevant issues as foreign exchange and characteristics of less developed countries.

The course itself is actually two courses in one. The first half is three credits and consists of three tests and one assignment. The second half is two credits and consists of two tests and one assignment.