Hull Adult Education Centre

To Know is to Grow

"Every student that walks in with a goal walks out with success." HAEC School Vision

At HAEC we believe that if you have a plan or a goal you will have success. This does not have to be a diploma, it may be a personal goal, a level of achievement, a prerequisite, an affirmation of what you want to do, and example you wish to set.

However, your goal cannot start at the end. In other words, to engineer a useful and practical goal it must work backwards from the end game, toward a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented goal that in fact reflects a short time frame. If followed, that clear, specific daily focus will lead you to the long term goal. Not too mention, it is much easier to focus on 3 pages in 1 chapter in 1 module in 1 subject in 1 hour during 1 class on one day.....than it is to pursue a goal that is 400-600 days from now. With the wrong focus, your minutes, hours and days will simply not matter and if each day does not matter toward the big goal, how will you ever get there?

A SMART Goal is made up of the following 5 STRATEGIES:


Do not generalize: “I want to get my high-school diploma”. Be specific: “by November 28th I will …”


How will you know if you have achieved your goal? Can you count it or measure it? “attend 5 days per week”, or “80% in level 3 English”.


The goal should be attainable. Don’t set goals that are beyond your ability, achievable is a question mark, attainable is a certainty. For example, if you actually complete 4-5 pages of novel reading in English class, your goal should be to complete 3-4 (attainable, I can do this), not 8-10 (achievable, but with some doubt). This will snowball, the attainable goal will transform, you will be attaining greater heights you would never have considered in the past.


Match your goals to your plan (yes, you should have a plan for school). If you want to be a chef, do you need 536 Math? If you want to go to CEGEP do you need French?


Set an attainable, specific and realistic time limit for when you expect to reach your goal and stick to it! “By term 1 I will complete my Level 3 English”.

Here is an example of a student’s SMART goal:

Smart Goal: 

“I will complete 4 pages of 4102-1 per class period/day by November 28th end of term 1 in order to complete Math 4102-1 and move on to Math 4103-1."

So the completion of a High School Diploma or Math even Level 4 Math or Module 4102-1 is not the specific goal. 4 pages a day is the goal determined by how many pages are left vs class time left. If you do that, it would be impossible not to complete the module, the level, the subject and obtain the diploma...

My SMART Goal is:

(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-framed)

By the following date: _____________________ I will ________________________________________________________________________________________

To do this, I will  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

It is important that I _______________________________________________because______________________________________________________________

B. Challenges to achieving my Goal: Example, "I might need help, I have dyslexia, I don't sleep well, etc."

C. My long-term career goal(s): Example, “I want to be a nurse”.

D. How are you going to get there?   Example, “I will get my high school diploma by June 2010 and go to College”.