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HIST 4016-2, HIST 4017-2 

The History of Quebec and Canada examines the evolution of our history from the period of pre-European contact with the natives until the present. We begin by looking at Native Society and some of the key similarities and differences between the three native linguistic groups, the Algonquians, Crees, and Iroquoians. We then look at how the native way of life was changed by the arrival of the Europeans. The course then examines the Society of New France and the War for the continent with the English, which results in the French defeat at the Plains of Abraham and the creation of a new British North American society. We then look at the period from 1760-1867 in which the map of North America changes frequently, following several constitutions and the American Revolution.

The second part of the course begins in 1867 with the creation of Canada and examines the early years of Confederation in which there was a constant threat of American Invasion. We then look at how Canada was affected by three of the most important events of the twentieth century (World War I, The Great Depression and World War II). We then examine Quebec in the 1960’s and 1970’s and look at the beginnings of the separatist movement, which is still very strong today. Finally, we look at the post 1980 period which saw Canada blossom into a prosperous, Multicultural society.

This course is essentially two courses in one as there is a final exam at the end of each part of the course. Many students who have trouble passing history at high school find it easier to pass in Adult ed. Since there is basically half as much material to study as there is on the secondary final. The students also do a number of printed and computerized review exams and exercises.