Hull Adult Education Centre

To Know is to Grow


  • Students online will login to their classes at the scheduled class time through Microsoft Teams. Period 1-8:45am-10:45am, Period 2-10:55am-12:55pm, Period 3-1:35pm-3:30pm 
  • Your camera must be on and your physical presence will be mandatory throughout the class time with the exception of breaks 
  • Attendance will be taken as normal. If you are not online or visible, you will be marked as absent. 
  • If you come late online, you will be marked late 
  • If you leave early online, you will be marked as departing early.
  • Take bathroom breaks as needed, no request need be made 
  • Ask questions to your teacher as per their classroom policy 
  • Your teacher is there for all 24 students, please respect the needs of others 
  • Your mic will be muted and can be toggled by you when you wish to speak or ask a question. 
  • The chat feature can be used to ask questions
  • The chat feature is to be used for academic purposes only 
  • Please use appropriate language in speech and chat online features 
  • If you are muted by the teacher it is for a reason, you must leave yourself on mute. 
  • If your teacher calls on you, you are requried to answer
  • If your teacher asks to see progress you are required to show evidence of progress
  • When online, do not distract your classmates. You will be muted or removed and marked absent. 
  • Your camera should be used by you only, during online class times 
  • Do not invite others to join the class or sit with you on screen 
  • Students are encouraged to use a backdrop screen (in video settings) to limit background distractions
  • Keep yourself free from distractions including cell phones while online 
  • Do not take pictures or video with your cell phone online. Doing so violates the Technology User Agreement and the consequence is suspension. 
  • Obscenities, profanities, exposition, racism, drug and alcohol use, and violence are strictly prohibited 

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Due to the restrictions on space to adhere to proper social distancing, we have a very large waitlist of students registered waiting for placement in a group. If you exhibit a behavioural pattern of absenteeism, lateness, early departure and/or conduct unbecoming an adult education student, you will be withdrawn from the centre and a student on our waitlist will replace you.