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SMART GOAL Rationale:





T-time oriented

When you begin creating SMART GOALS the purpose is to increase your specificity, decrease your timelines, and increase the relevance and attainability of the goal.

For example, a High School diploma is much too vague and broad to be realistic and puts too much pressure on you, too soon.

A SMART GOAL to complete a level of Math within a time period does not reference a high school diploma yet still works towards it. AN even better goal is to finish a Math chapter in a module, even a number of pages per day, you get the point.

Visualize a series of steps; each step is a SMART GOAL, small and attainable. As you take steps (make goals) you come closer to the top, the overall goal of a diploma (if that is their ultimate destination).

The rationale works for any goal really, just chunk out a broad goal into smaller parts. Each part becomes a SMART GOAL and a smaller part of a greater whole. This makes goal setting a regular routine and habituates you to utilizing it as a useful tool for your own growth and development.