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 Bienvenue/Welcome to HAEC

Absence Reporting

When absent from the centre you must report your absence. This is mandatory.

Western Quebec School Board

The Hull Adult Education Centre is a proud adult education centre  member  of the Western Quebec School Board


Substances (drugs) can impact our lives in many ways.  DART (Drug Awareness Resource Team) support is available if you are looking for information or to make lifestyle changes. Please feel free to contact Erica Tomkinson with your questions and/or comments.

WQSB Complaints Process

The National Student Ombudsman is responsible for applying the complaint and report processing procedure in Québec’s education system.

As part of this province-wide and standardized procedure, the National Student Ombudsman is assisted by Regional Student Ombudsmen throughout Québec. Together, they ensure that student and parent rights are upheld. As a result, they contribute to the continuous improvement of education system services.

Academic Advising

Not sure how many credits you need? What courses to take? Your career path? Post-secondary options? Click below to speak to our Academic Advisor

Support Services
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